Integrating personal mobile devices in teaching: the impact on student learning and institutional support

Ieda M. Santos


More students are bringing their own mobile devices to schools and universities. This trend offers educational institutions with opportunities to explore the available technology for teaching and learning (‘Bring Your Own Device’: BYOD). Based on a case study of an undergraduate course recently taught at a higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates, this paper explores how students’ personal mobile devices could support classroom teaching. It also investigates the implications for the institution of using those devices. Participants consisted of 19 Emirati female students and a member of the Information Technology department; multiple methods of data collection were adopted to achieve triangulation. The main findings suggest that the activities delivered through students’ personal mobile devices helped promote discussion both inside and outside class and supported students’ learning of course content. Some challenges and key factors contributing to positive outcomes are discussed.


Personal mobile devices; classroom teaching; institutional support

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