A student-centered approach to vocabulary building using Popplet, Pages and Puppet Pals

Sarah Hopkyns, Timothy Nicoll


This article reflects on a tried and tested workflow for vocabulary building using the iPad apps Popplet, Pages and Puppet Pals. It will outline how these apps can be used together to help students brainstorm related lexical items, draw from this vocabulary to create dialogues with guidance from the teacher, and finally to act out these dialogues by choosing characters, props and backdrops, and recording their voices using the unique movie-making app Puppet Pals. This workflow has proven to be successful with female Emirati students completing the Academic Bridge Program at Zayed University, and its student-centered approach to learning is also transferable to other subject areas. Survey results are presented which indicate that this workflow is a motivating and memorable way to develop vocabulary/ concept knowledge.


mobile learning; vocabulary teaching; workflow; iPad; UAE

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.18538/lthe.v10.n2.165