Methodological map: a mixed methods approach to explore the role of space in an Emirati single-gender learning environment

Gergana Alzeer


This paper provides a methodological map that guides the choice and application of research paradigms and design frames that can be of value to a wide range of researchers in the fields of education, social sciences and interdisciplinary studies who are interested in teaching and learning for women. Following an interpretivist/constructivist paradigm I used a mixed methods research approach to study the spatial experiences of Emirati female students. The main component was qualitative, using ethnography, while the quantitative part included a survey. In such a research approach, my reflexivity and unique positionality as both insider and outsider played a significant role. The Paper is divided into three sections: “the beginning”, which justifies the choice and philosophies of the methodological route, the “journey”, which illustrates the data collection techniques, and the “destination” with reflexive lessons from the field.


teaching and learning; research methodology; ethnography; mixed-methods; gender; higher education; space

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